Orbital Box
Orbital Box
Orbital Box
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Orbital Box

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Orbital Box

The Orbital Box is crafted by expert engineers who have hand-picked puzzles and multi-level tasks designed to challenge. Solve the tasks to start the Orbital Box ship and reveal the quest’s secret.

Made entirely from birch wood, Orbital Box is an environmentally friendly product.

The Toy history

You are the captain of a team of colonialists on a mission to Elisia, the only other habitable planet in the universe.

Your ship has left the solar system and is about to make an interdimensional jump to discover a new world for humanity.

To achieve this goal, there are only a few steps left to take:

  • Check the radar and plot the exact landing route, bypassing dangerous sectors and objects.
  • Disable the autopilot system by choosing the correct combination of letters.
  • Redirect the energy cores power to the warp accelerator after unlocking it.
  • The power supply system on the ship is reliable but confusing, like a labyrinth. However, an experienced captain like yourself can definitely do it!

To activate the warp drive and open up new horizons for humankind, you need to identify two correct pairs of letters and enter them into the launch terminal at the top of the panel.

You will receive the first two letters on the side systems of the ship. The remaining two are hidden in the database below.

Finally, by entering the correct combinations in the upper terminal, you will receive the startup keys in the form of a symbol.

By entering them on the left and right accelerators, you will activate the jump.

Remember the protection system against the non-sequential activation, and be careful with the symbols. Do not forget to disconnect the locking modules on the upper console. Failure to do so will result in a failed launch.

Good luck, captain!

Handmade in Germany.


Publisher: Escapewelt
Level of difficulty: 3/5
Play Time: 45-60min


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